Taikoo Place
Hong Kong
Gustafson Porter + Bowman, Designers of the furniture: Miriam and Tom
One Taikoo Place is the latest renovation of the Swire Properties commercial complex in Hong Kong, an integrated business hub spanning nine commercial-use towers.

The double identity of the place is the detail that dictated the design choices: Quarry Bay in English and tsak yue chung in Chinese are the two names of the place that have two different meanings. If the Chinese name means small stream where carp are fished, the English name gives the place a completely different meaning, referring to the time when the area was used to extract granite, to provide building material for the developing city development in the western part.

The restructuring had two fundamental and complementary objectives: on the one hand, to preserve and reveal the connection of the place with the water, also highlighting the deep connection with the quarry and its characteristics. The second was to find a shape that recalled the client's past and its link with maritime trade, making it possible, through sinuous and accessible geometries, to pass the idea that evolution is always based on tradition.

The design of the counter and the seats in the entrance reflect and enhance Swire's nature and context-inspired narrative. Versilys marble was chosen for the interior design elements, a material that comes to life as soon as it is cut, the processing manages to highlight the beauty of its geological composition. But that's not the only reason why Versilys was chosen for the elements of Taikoo Place in Hong Kong: the choice was encouraged by its richness of shades and tones that perfectly match inside One Taikoo Place.

The design elements inside the atrium appear as majestic, independent, complementary, strong, of great effect and precious as art objects. Thanks to the passion of Henraux, the skill in the transformation of stone and the beauty of Versilys marble, One Taikoo Place is today enriched with beauty, elegance, nature and history.
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