Hotel Lutetia
Parigi, Francia
Hotel Lutetia, Paris: a project that saw Henraux committed between 2016 and 2018 in an important renovation activity

Lutetia Hotel, built in 1910, has undergone renovation with the strong desire to maintain the luxury and refinement of a bygone era in a modern and comfortable environment. Henraux was chosen by the Client for its experience and skill in marble transformation.

The project was completed using marble of the highest quality, Statuario Altissimo, an exclusive Henraux precious stone. This marble, extracted from the Cervaiole quarry in Monte Altissimo, Seravezza, is known for its beauty and resistance and was chosen to give the interiors of the rooms it was chosen for an elegant and exclusive atmosphere. Henraux's intervention involved the renovation of 185 rooms, including 6 suites. Statuario Altissimo, processed with exceèptional precision and attention to detail, was used for the floors and wall claddings of all the rooms. Henraux also oversaw the creation of the washbasins and bathtubs carved out of whole blocks of very high quality Statuario Altissimo, a touch of originality that gave further value to the rooms, making the "bathroom experience" a unique and unforgettable moment of relaxation for Hotel Lutetia’s guests.

The project included the wall claddings of the corridors and doors with the same material, a detail that helped to create a perfect harmony between the different areas of the hotel, ensuring a smooth and harmonious transition between the rooms and the other areas of the hotel.

"The renovation work has given a new life to the Hotel Lutetia, creating an exclusive and high quality environment for people looking for a luxury holiday in Paris. We are proud to have contributed to the creation of an unforgettable experience, and of having been able to "transfer" the elegance and refinement of a bygone era into a contemporary setting. Thanks to our experience in marble processing, to the skill of our craftsmen and to our scrupulous attention to detail, Hotel Lutetia today offers its guests an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris!", has said Alessandro Dini, Project Manager of Henraux, who was responsible for this project and followed closely every detail between Italy and France.
Statuario Altissimo
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