Dimensional Place
Charlotte, USA
Duda Paine Architects
Completed in 2019, the 9-story tower is located in Charlotte's historic district known as Southend and occupies an entire downtown city block. Dimensional Place was born from the desire to enhance an underdeveloped area, which with the new architectural structure has become the center of commercial activities and not only.

The urban context in which Dimensional Place resides had long been saturated with residential buildings and needed a service center that could offer dedicated spaces for different types of activities including restaurants, shops, conference spaces and offices. Thanks to large spaces dedicated to dining and entertainment, but also to business, Dimensional Place plays a crucial role not only in the South End, but also for other Charlotte neighborhoods such as Wilmore, Dilworth and Uptown. The materials used such as glass, marble, brick and aluminum give the structure a decisive and contemporary character.

The large 30-foot high lobby makes the entrance to the Dimensional Place an elegant, sophisticated and modern environment, sober but at the same time welcoming. The design curated by Duda Paine Architects is characterized by attention to the beauty of the spaces, but strong consideration has been dedicated to the functionality of the environments so that they can be at the service of people and communities to grow and carry out their daily lives to the fullest. Henraux has contributed to the creation of Dimensional Place with its own marbles and her savoir-faire.

Titanium travertine was used for the flooring and cladding of the large lobby, an elegant material with great resistance. The result is balance, charm and style, Italian beauty thanks to Henraux marbles.
Courtesy: Robert benson photography
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