Devon Energy Center
Oklahoma City, USA
Pickard Chilton Architects, Inc.
The Devon Energy Center, Devon's headquarters, serves as a true focal point for the company and for Oklahoma City. The corporate headquarters is a modern building that brings together and represents Devon, constructed to serve as a hub for work, conferences, training, dining, and special events. A six-story glass rotunda with interior balconies serves as the entrance for the entire complex, offering a captivating first impression.

The tower's height and unique three-sided shape characterize the Oklahoma City skyline: the uppermost portion of the tower tapers slightly to enhance proportions, creating an elegant and soaring form. At the top of the tower, each facade is chamfered to create a triangular shape that reflects the sky, providing a subtly changing presence on the horizon.

The Devon Energy Center project incorporates sixteen different types of natural stones from around the world, supplied by Henraux to visually enrich many of the spaces within the Devon Energy Center.
Public space is defined by Kashmir White granite used for flooring and Calacatta Caldia marble for wall coverings. Together, these stones convey a sense of calm and create environments characterized by understated elegance in a truly special public space.

For a significant two-story wall spanning the public space, a particular stone was chosen, possessing a character that could be described as almost dynamic: Desert Sandstone, a stone extracted in India, with a background and veins of color reminiscent of the warm, earthy tones of the desert. While all surfaces within the Devon Energy Center were crucial and required dry laying, this particular wall was exceptionally important and demanded multiple installations.
The large dimensions of the slabs required the use of a crane positioned fifteen meters above the wall, and many hours were spent achieving the ideal aesthetic and visual impact, blending the veining of the cladding and aligning the elements so that, visually, there were no interruptions as one moved from slab to slab.

The result is a stunning sandstone wall, capable of offering a more visceral connection: standing in front of it feels like being in the stone canyons of Petra. "As architects, we endeavor to create for our clients idealized worlds, perfect microcosms in which people can safely and comfortably live and work. In the past 22 years, virtually every building crafted by Pickard Chilton has incorporated architectural stone as an important feature.

Stone is relied upon for its elegance but also for its ability connect to a deeper part of our being, an unconscious link to our primal past. Having lived in harmony with nature among the savannahs, prairies, forests and mountains, humans over millennia have developed a compelling, instinctual connection to our natural environment.
We are inherently drawn to the fractal patterns of water, flora, and stone. This extraordinary link is recognized as the science of biophilia."

Jon Pickard (FAIA, RIBA | PICKARD CHILTON Founder) From MARMO 8, 2019
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