Bulgari Hotel
London, England
Citterio-Viel & Partners
London’s Bulgari Hotel is an icon of luxury and refinement that brilliantly blends the energy of the Italian “dolce vita” and the glamorous atmosphere of the lively British metropolis. In 2012 the Bulgari Hotel underwent an extensive renovation with the aim of creating a luxurious place that could offer an unprecedented hospitality experience in the heart of London.

For the renovation of the different areas of the hotel, it was used a beautiful stone that Henraux supplied, transformed and installed: an elegant green onyx was chosen for the spa and the reception area, transforming them into authentic works of art. With this project, Henraux has given life to a vision of extraordinary beauty thanks to the use of this particular material that is green onyx: beautiful, elegant and resistant.

The claddings of the reception have been crafted with mastery, embracing the Bulgari philosophy of harmonizing classic elegance with a contemporary style. The green onyx, with its iridescent sheen and natural shades, has given the interiors of Bulgari Hotel an atmosphere of calm and serenity. The space dedicated to the spa of the Bulgari Hotel London is an oasis of tranquility and regeneration, and it is precisely here that Henraux's use of green onyx becomes even more tangible.

The walls cladded with this splendid material convey a feeling of intimacy and inner peace, embracing guests in an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being, an environment that invites to immerse in an experience of absolute sensory pleasure. Henraux's footprint in the Bulgari Hotel in London is a tribute to the Italian artisan tradition in marble processing.

Through the combination of fine materials, elegant design and attention to detail, the result is a work of architectural art of timeless beauty. Thanks to the precious collaboration between Citterio Viel & Partners Architecture Studio and Henraux, the Bulgari Hotel has become a point of reference in the panorama of luxury hospitality in London - a place where classic charm meets contemporary design and where guests can have an unforgettable experience.
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