Block 58
Houston - Texas
Pelli Clarke & Partners / Kendall Heaton Associates
Texas Tower in Houston is a newly built 47-story structure by Hines, a new landmark of this modern American city, a building that enriches the skyline with energy. A careful approach to sustainability, to the surrounding environment and to the livability of the interior spaces, makesTexas Tower an example of excellence in the field of architecture and design.

Henraux participated, playing a crucial role, in the creation of the common areas such as the pavilion, the lobby and the mezzanine, enriching them with marble. Thanks to exceptional natural stones such as Bianco Macchietta, Silver Mink and Hauteville, the environments are enriched with elegance and style.

The Bianco Macchietta marble used for the interior cladding gives luminosity and character to the spaces. The floors and the dark inserts of the coverings are in great contrast: plays of chiaroscuro that pleasantly surprise the eye and give an imposing elegance to the spaces. The addition of Silver Mink marble, with its delicate veining, adds balance to the scene: its gray background matches perfectly with the depth of the Hauteville marble and the sheen of the Bianco Macchietta. The cladding of the external walls was made in Hauteville, a marble with a compact beige background crossed by small white spots that give the marble a pearly effect, a stone recognized and used above all for external applications thanks to its high resistance capacity against any climatic and physical aggression. With a particular emphasis on the needs of the people who will inhabit the office spaces, the imposing LEED Platinum and WELL Building Standards certified architectural structure aims to offer bright and welcoming environments in which people can feel at ease. The synergy between indoors and outdoors is evident in all spaces: the generous hall creates a synergy between inside and outside and welcomes people for meetings and moments of relaxation.

The stately 47-story tower stands at a distinctive 48-degree angle to the street grid of bustling downtown Houston. This unique inclination gives sweeping panoramic views of the heart of the city, further amplified by the impressive high-ceilinged windows that characterize the tower. The structured facade of the building reflects the sky and the surrounding buildings, and defines the northern edge of the city centre.

The result? Block 58 in Houston offers spaces that exude a feeling of timeless luxury and beauty, providing a unique experience for those privileged to frequent them.
Bianco Macchietta
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