Block 162
Denver. USA
In the vibrant heart of dynamic Denver stands Block 162, an architectural masterpiece embodying the essence of modernity: elegance, efficiency, and versatility. This next-gen building majestically rises within Denver’s urban landscape, significantly altering the skyline while offering breathtaking panoramic views of Colorado's capital with its 30 floors.

The designers made bold choices in the conception of this office building, strategically located to attract pedestrian traffic in search of welcoming, beautiful, and stimulating spaces. This analysis led the team to enrich the lobby with high-quality marble and stone, along with artistic installations. Block 162 becomes a livable space and a landmark for the entire neighborhood.

Architect Raffael Scasserra, Gensler's design director, was inspired by this vision: “We saw the opportunity to revitalize the street, invite people into the lobby, and transform it into a 'common' space for the neighborhood.” A mix of visions that connects to the city's outdoor culture and the nearby Rocky Mountains, guiding the design choices that make this building a true gem in the cityscape. Externally, it resembles a rocky wall, with a fissure in the upper corner that divides the glass and steel building into two sections.

The grand interior lobby continues the mountain theme with faceted exposed concrete columns and a plaster ceiling. Henraux contributed to Block 162 by supplying marble for floors, cladding, and enhancing bathrooms and office spaces. The stones provided by Henraux for Block 162 include the statuario altissimo and travertine, materials with beige, cream, and white tones with subtle gray and black veining, as well as Jet Mist.

The expansive open spaces allow for full appreciation of the marble flooring in the lobby, while the large windows provide natural light and a 360-degree view of the city. The ground floor of the structure seamlessly integrates into the urban context, offering a wide selection of shops and restaurants, while the upper floors house offices. The absence of interior columns creates infinite open spaces, flexible and versatile areas that accommodate modern office inspirations promoting collaboration and creativity.

Proud to have participated in the creation of Block 162, an authentic fusion of environmental responsibility, elegance, and design, this modern structure harmoniously combines human-made environments with the best nature has to offer in terms of material beauty, durability, and elegance. Block 162 stands as a model of sustainable architecture thanks to the extensive use of marble and other natural materials; every aspect of its design has been meticulously planned to reduce environmental impact and promote the well-being of those who spend their days here and beyond.
Travertino Dorato
Statuario Altissimo
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