Airside At Kai Tak
Hong Kong
In the heart of the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong, there stands an architectural project that embodies the harmony between modernity and tradition, between functionality and aesthetics. Airside represents a new concept of "completeness" for urban living, offering the entire community a space to come together and be themselves, in connection with others and with nature.

The complex aptly reflects the contemporary urban metabolism of Hong Kong through a new experiential retail and leisure spaces, while from the penthouse, businesses can expand their horizons and observe the surrounding environment, networking and fostering innovation.

The new urban landscape will also host a series of cultural and entertainment events, providing people with a moment to slow down and take a break, allowing the development of new perspectives in the context of everyday city life. The complex was created by Snøhetta, an internationally renowned architecture and design studio known for its unique approach to architecture and landscape.
Airside strives to bring nature inside the building and seamlessly connect to some of the key features of the surrounding environment, including Kai Tak Park and the Kai Tak River. The focus of the project is a delicately curved façade composed of ribbed glass that evokes the weaving of fabric produced by the historic Nan Fung Group industry, present throughout the project, from the façade to the interiors, from the outdoor squares to the rooftop gardens.

In this vision, marble has been used to adorn the main hall of the building. It is as tall and spacious as a cathedral, giving the structure an elegant but not cold character, with a certain softness. The choice for the walls fell on Versilys marble, a natural stone characterized by a background with a mix of delicate grays and a distinctive golden-leaning pattern, in contrast to the flooring, which is made using an exclusive white marble that adds depth to the space. The gray tones of Versilys marble, spontaneously and lively combined, give this special marble character and uniqueness.

To emphasize the dynamism that already characterizes the material, the cladding of the central core was designed to resemble projecting pilasters alternating with niches highlighted by light points, creating an unusual interplay of light and shadow. Airside at Kai Tak is an icon of innovation, sustainability, and style, designed as a service center with outdoor squares and rooftop gardens for urban farming, restaurants, event spaces, and other recreational activities.

The building serves as the main gateway to the development of Kai Tak in Hong Kong. The carefully selected marbles for this project have become an integral part of the timeless beauty of this space. The natural beauty of marble harmoniously blends with the surrounding modern architecture, creating a unique balance between the ancient and the contemporary.

The choice of materials with different color tones has allowed for surprising visual effects that dynamically change with the natural light permeating the interior spaces. Airside at Kai Tak is more than just an architectural project; it is a testament to Henraux's skill and artistry in marble craftsmanship. Airside at Kai Tak celebrates the eternal fusion of nature and human mastery, as well as the fusion of the past and the present.
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