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Travertino Titanium

indoor / outdoor
Travertino Titanium is a unique stone in its structure, characterised by horizontal veins that highlight the compactness and homogeneity of a rather special travertine.
Travertine Titanium presents itself with various shades ranging from brown to grey. The deep color of Titanium Travertine and its horizontal veins make this stone ideal for modern creations, floors and walls with a rather contemporary and linear character. Travertine Titanium can be cut on the reverse, parallel to the vein, a cut that allows you to admire the stone in all its splendor thanks to the tone-on-tone colouring. The reverse cut of the Titanium Travertine makes the background appear darker and the veins less visible, while the surface is closer to that of the more classic travertine.

Discover Travertino Titanium on Henraux, a special stone with a strong and recognisable personality.
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