23 Anniversary of the "Madonna del Cavatore" celebration

September 2nd, 2023, 11:00 am
Cava Cervaiole, Monte Altissimo, Seravezza

It is the most important religious celebration for the men who work in the quarries of the Monte Altissimo, Seravezza.

The celebration of the Madonna del Cavatore reaches its 23rd anniversary this year and will be celebrated on Saturday, 2 September 2023 at 11 a.m. by Don Benvenuto and with the musical notes of the “Filarmonica di Riomagno”.

The ceremony, very heartfelt, takes place every year on the Monte Altissimo (1.200 meters above sea level) on the first Saturday of September in front of the Bianco Piastrone marble bas-relief showing the “Madonna and Child” sculpted by Renzo Maggi.

A heart-warming work specially made for the quarrymen for this anniversary: a rope is sculpted at the base to remind the ancient "lizzatura" (quarrying) process and the hard work and sacrifices of the quarrymen.

This celebration is more than a simple anniversary: for all those who work in the Cervaiole quarries, it is an intimate moment of recollection with their families to pay homage to the Madonna del Cavatore, their patroness.

“In the quarry every day marble, work, history and tradition are mixed and the celebration is an important moment for all of us. The origins of this celebration date back to the 1940s and 1950s, when Leone Tommasi created a bas-relief of the Madonna and Child that was first placed at Tacca Bianca and later (and still today) at Polla, in Mortigliano” says Sauro Mattei, President of the “Quarryman Committee” and also known as the "quarry poet" for having written, with a deep sense of devotion, the touching prayer to the Madonna del Cavatore that, every year, is recited during the celebration.

Holy Mary / Madonna del Cavatore / who in the silence of remembrance / where our fathers / placed your sacred image, / hear our humble prayer
Holy Virgin, / protect our valleys / in this suspended land, / our families, / our children, lead them on the path / of peace and love.
Bless our quarries, / the quarrymen, / accompany our hearts, / guide our hands, every day, / in the sacrifice of hard work / so that it may be the fruit / of life and hope.
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