Henraux quarries

Cervaiole and Macchietta quarries

Our Cervaiole quarry, located on the southernmost offshoots of Mount Altissimo, is impressive with its spectacular scenery, sweeping over the grand sights of the Apuan Alps and encompassing the vast sea horizon, from the Gulf of La Spezia to Livorno, and takes your breath away with its surreal landscape shaped by geometries of vertical and horizontal planes, formed by the marble benches cut off the mountain.

Light bounces off the snow-white, bright, dazzlingly height walls that enclose these outstanding cathedrals dug into the mountain, which produce one of the world’s most valuable kinds of marble: Arabescato, a grey-veined white marble.

An unforgettable view, where men and machines are busy quarrying the marble with methods based on centuries-old experience, supported by cutting-edge technology. A tough yet delicate work, which photography, no matter how specialised, can never fully portray.

This is the place from which the noble material that is our pride and glory, and that all the company’s heritage has been built on for nearly two hundred years, comes from: our marble has been used - and still is, in Italy and all over the world - to make the most important architectural projects ever built with natural materials, including sculptures by the best known contemporary artists.

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