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For Henraux, marble is a testing ground.

Moreover, within all of the areas in which the company moves - architecture, design and art - the approach is always the same: experiment, discover and evolve.

We also do this on the editorial front, respecting the original project so that it remains very relevant in terms of themes and aesthetics.

In this latest issue of Marmo we wanted therefore to insert a new element by extending the concept of ‘art’ to a broader idea that includes, not only visual art but which also other forms of expression: music,
cinema and literature.

This is why readers will discover an interview with Giovanni Allevi, who reveals some details of his family history alongside his professional one, a report of a meeting with the great filmmaker Andrej Končalovsky who saw Henraux in the spotlight, a refined dialogue on William Burroughs with one of his most trusted friends, Kathelin Gray.
And of course as always, sculpture, photography, architecture and design. We like culture and we fly its flag.
Our heartfelt thanks go to the contributors who have generously offered their skills, transforming this edition into a mystery box, rich in insights and knowledge to discover, and for making it a new thread in the rich
history of Henraux.

Henraux is an efficient company, focused on international horizons, but it is also a big family, in which in people with great human qualities converge with important professional experiences.
Marble is the base on which this unrepeatable mix of ingredients flows and is shared with our readers, who are now invited to take part.

Enjoy your read!
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