Henraux's historical magazine "Marmo" is reborn

Henraux's historical magazine


With articles by Mario Botta, Gillo Dorfles, Craig Copeland, Mimmo Paladino

Presentation at Fuorisalone 2017On Thursday April 6th 2017, at 06.00 pmMinotticucine Showroom – Via Larga, 4 – Milan 
Henraux will republish its historical magazine “Marmo” and launch the new issue, after over forty years.On Thursday April 6th 2017, at minotticucine showroom in Milan, exceptionally lent for the occasion, the President of Henraux Paolo Carli, architect Mario Botta, Aldo Colonetti and other illustrious guests will be happy to present the new edition of “Marmo”, the magazine that in the Sixties and Seventies was a hotbed of cultural debate on architecture, art and design, the areas in which marble – the material that has recently been extraordinarily rediscovered and revived – expresses its many personifications.

Le Corbusier, Marco Dezzi Bardeschi, Josef Paul Hodin, Enzo Brunori, great architects, designers and artists of the past, who worked for the magazine back then, will symbolically hand it over to the great architects, designers and artists of the present, such as Mario Botta, Gillo Dorfles, Mimmo Paladino, Craig Copeland – to name but a few – who wanted to give their contribution to the rebirth of the magazine with their articles or interviews. 

Created in 1962 by Erminio Cidonio, sole director of Henraux, a leader in marble quarrying and processing, and published in 5 issues until 1971, the magazine “Marmo” is “a platform of modern culture, which is non sectarian, international, which looks to the future, which acts as a showcase of modern projects by all artists, architects and designers, in any material they are made of, if filtered through the eyes of art criticism and technique”, as Bruno Alfieri pointed out in the first issue.In the new “Marmo”, which will start with issue number 6 to go back to where the numbering sequence had been left, pride of place is given to sculpture, with the involvement of established and young talents – Fondazione Henraux is extremely busy working on this, with its International Sculpture Award that brought fame on some of the most talented sculptors in the last few years – to architecture and design, with a special focus on innovation, on new processing methods, on new projects and cutting-edge products, an area in which Henraux leads the way with its innovative use of robots in support of craftsmanship.The magazine will be will be out once a year and will look like a collector’s magazine, with authoritative articles and a consistent format throughout so all of them will have a consistent appearance while offering ever-new features as one-off issues.

In the next issue, you will find articles by: Baldessari&Baldessari, Marco Casamonti, Aldo Colonetti, Craig Copeland, Gillo Dorfles, Marva Griffin Wilshire, Nicola Micieli, Costantino Paolicchi, Flavio Arensi’s interview with Mimmo Paladino and an interview with Mario Botta.    
Paolo Carli says: “The magazine Marmo has been part of a broad project, a broad vision, an innovative and in many respect “revolutionary” experience in the entire marble industry after the Second World War that was struggling to embrace technological innovation and the cultural vibes that were springing up in Europe and in the rest of the world. Now, I am publishing it again to emphasise and confirm the value and contents of the ideas and plans that the magazine had given voice to and that are still a very effective tool, as it is cast into the views of the future of a modern Henraux”.

Marmo 6, as well as Fondazione Henraux, the cultural arm of Henraux SpA, came to life when President Paolo Carli decided to take up on the extraordinary experience of Erminio Cidonio, who, like Adriano Olivetti, meant to overcome the division between the world of manufacture and the world of culture. In the 1950s and 1960s, Cidonio opened an international centre for sculpture in the plant at Querceta (LU) and called such artists as Henry Moore, Hans Arp, Henri Georges Adam, Isamu Nuguchi, Francois Stahly, Emile Gilioli, Georges Vantongerloo and many more, who brought about an extremely vibrant artistic and cultural season, the effects of which still resound in the sculpture studios and mills of Seravezza and Pietrasanta. Even now, Henraux has prestigious partnerships with such artists as Tony Cragg, Mikayel Ohanjanyan, Mimmo Paladino, Emilio Isgrò, Park Eun Sun.

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Presentation of the magazine Marmo 6 - Henraux
Venue minotticucine Showroom, Via Larga 4, Milan
Date Thursday, April 6th  2017, at 06.00 pmSponsored by minotticucine
With Paolo Carli, President of Henraux Mario Botta Aldo Colonetti
Monica Venturini, marketing director at Gruppo AssoAdmission free

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