Gillo Dorfles. A Life of the Times

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From 27 November 2015 to 17 April 2016, MACRO, Rome Contemporary Art Museum, is hosting the exhibition Gillo Dorfles. A life of the times, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, with technical coordination and exhibition design by Fulvio Caldarelli and Maurizio Rossi: the first anthological exhibition to pay tribute to the opera omnia of a historic father of Italian visual culture, covering artistic output, critical thinking and aesthetic theories.

Gillo Dorfles, artist and art critic, two separate mindsets, two different relationships with time.
On the one hand the times of the inner world with his highly personal and independent liveliness of expression, unshakable in the face of the various events of artistic and avant-garde movements. On the other hand the times of the outside world, the movable horizon of history and his observations exploring the variations in taste and the aesthetic and behavioural developments of the present which are a feature of every age.

Over 100 works, some of which displayed for the first time: paintings, drawings and graphic artwork and also a selection of ceramics and jewellery. A new journey through time, from the more recent creations (including three new paintings produced in the summer of 2015) to the founding of the Concrete Art Movement (the exhibition also displays original documents and historic catalogues of the first exhibitions) back to his debut at a young age in the Thirties. A vast display in which the time coordinates given tend to fade away in the synchronisation of a long and still evolving present.
For the first time the exhibition of the works of art by Dorfles also includes two conversant and complementary sections of the display which become an opportunity for covering over a century of history, in words and pictures.
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