marble White

Bianco Macchietta

indoor / outdoor
Bianco Macchietta marble is a white stone as the name suggests, a material whose white background slightly tending towards gray has white speckled touches. Distributed organically and randomly on the background, the irregularly shaped spots make each slab unique, a masterpiece of nature.

Thanks to its compact and uniform background, to its resistance, the Bianco Macchietta marble lends itself to multiple uses, both for internal and external applications, design and decoration. The brightness of the background gives the rooms amplitude and prestige; thanks to these qualities, Bianco Macchietta marble is used for floors, coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops, as well as to create elegant furnishing objects such as tables and support surfaces.

Bianco Macchietta marble is therefore an ideal choice for those who want an elegant, refined and unique material, capable of transforming any environment into a space of great charm and prestige.
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