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On the back of one hundred and fortyfive years of experience that led it to the cutting edge of the marble industry, Henraux felt it was its duty to play a role in the figurative culture of our society, where artistic vibes meet innovative industrial design to create the forms of today’s world: in architecture, in sculpture, in mass production, in any other dimension of the visual arts.
The result of this need is this magazine, in which Henraux means to embrace any critical and documental suggestion and any illustration of works that may be regarded as valuable examples of culture and art all over the world.
Henraux hopes “Marmo” may become a way for architects, artists and art critics to communicate with each other solely to help spread a taste that is deeply-rooted in modern history and that, as such, is relevant and sympathetic with the latest technical accomplishments of the modern age.

The Magazines

Renzo Maggi, poetic sculptor, Low-Key luxury
Interview with Franco Pierotti, Taikoo Place
Scholten & Baijings for Henraux
Gillo Dorfles, Mario Botta, Mimmo Paladino
COLLEZIONE 1962 / 1971
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