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Henraux realizes today important projects all over the world

Henraux S.p.A., based in Querceta, is today the industry leader in the field of marble quarrying and processing.

It is currently working on a large-scale, comprehensive project of updating and expanding production and improving the environment of the extensive Querceta industrial area.

Like every enlightened company, Henraux understands the value of the locale which has provided it with success. For this reason today the company is driven by innovation and development of a strategic vision, looking not just at the company's management but also the surrounding area.

One of the project's foundation stones is the realisation of the Henraux cultural centre, which will include a training centre for highly skilled workers, architects and designers; a specialised school for artisans; and a museum which will bring together all the works of the Henraux Collection together with sculptures created by artists hosted in the new atelier.
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