Architecture/Design/Art - 2023

The sky rooms
By Costantino Paolicchi Photos by Andrea Bartolucci A photographic exploration that aims the lens on the aesthetic and metaphysical sides of the marble quarries present in the Apuan Alps. Far from denying [..]
AIRSIDE project from the developer Nan Fung’s point of view
By Eugenio Venezia Courtesy NAN FUNG GROUP An innovative commercial development that wants to embrace all the needs of urban life, from shopping to culture, from work to wellness, in complete connection [..]
Nairy Baghramian. Misfits
By Bruna Roccasalva Photos by Nicola Gnesi The following is a revised version of the original text, published on the occasion of "Nairy Baghramian. Misfits "(GAM, Milan, 26 May - 26 September 2021), [..]
Renzo Maggi. Poetic Sculptor
By Roberto Bernabò photo di Nicola Gnesi In his conversation with Roberto Bernabò, Maggi tells us about his training and his collaborations, but also about politics and his relationship [..]
From architecture to art and back
By Turan Duda , FAIA Founding Principal Duda|Paine Architects Any architectural project that uses stone material, and marble in particular, as at 601 Massachusetts Avenue (Washington DC), is first [..]
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