Henraux Foundation

Oiseau solaire, Miro
The Foundation was born from the will of Paolo Carli, President of the Henraux S.p.A., of recuperating and giving continuity to the project and extraordinary experience of Erminio Cidonio, Managing Director of the Henraux Company in the Fifties and Sixties. At the establishments in Querceta, he was able to organize an international center of sculpture, with the presence of artists such as Henry Moore, Hans Arp, Henri Georges Adam, Isamu Noguchi, Francois Stahly, Emile Gilioli, Georges Vantongerloo, and many others, who began an artistic and cultural season of great vitality, which effects still last today in the sculpture laboratories and workshops of Seravezza and Pietrasanta.

For some years by now, inside of its production structure, the Henraux S.p.A. has reactivated the sector of sculpture, which has been abandoned in the Seventies, when the Cidonio’s management ended. The Henraux Foundation, among its various tasks, has also the one of promoting and coordinating cultural initiatives in order to sustain this renewed artistic and cultural commitment: “We aim to a decisive re-launching of sculpture and artistic marble manufacture” – explains President Paolo Carli – “and the prestigious collaborations that we have activated go right in this direction, which, on the other hand, represents the main goal of the Foundation, engaged in the valorization of its historical, artistic, and productive patrimony.”.

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