Henraux’s Cervaiole quarry

Henraux’s Cervaiole quarry, located on the southern spurs of Monte Altissimo, instantly impresses the visitor with its spectacular view, sweeping over the magnificent panorama of the Apuan Alps and taking in the vast horizon of the sea, from the bay of La Spezia to Livorno.

Then there is the surreal geometric landscape of the quarry itself, all vertical and horizontal planes determined by how the banks of marble have been cut. The light is reflected in the vertiginous, shining white walls,  which delineate the space of fantastic cathedrals carved out of the mountain. This is where one of the world’s most prized marbles is extracted: Arabescato, a white marble with grey veining. An unforgettable setting, where people and machines labour away at quarrying the marble, using techniques based on centuries of experience and assisted by the most advanced technology. It is a difficult and delicate job, which even the most specialised photography can only partially document.Here for over 200 years we have been extracting the noble stone which is our pride and glory, the stone which has shaped the history of Henraux.

Our marble has been â - and still is – used for some of the most prestigious architectural projects ever created out of natural materials and sculptures carved by the most revered contemporary artists.